I Was Outraged When My Friend Started Taking This “Mystery Supplement” To Lose Weight… But Now I’m Taking It Too

A few months ago my friend Alice, who just turned 50, told me she just started taking a new supplement that promised to turn her into a teenager.

Okay, not really. But she said it would help her lose weight… erase signs of aging… AND boost her energy…

And it costs less than $1 per day.

When she told me all that, I couldn’t help myself. I laughed in her face!

“That sounds WAY too good to be true,” I said, trying to hold back my giggling.

But here’s the thing: Alice isn’t a sucker. In fact, she’s pretty good with her research and isn’t the type to fall for hyped-up fads or scams. So I had to ask: “What’s so different about this one that made you want to try it?”

She explained that she had been feeling… err, there’s no easy way to put it: OLD!

She said it started with her hair getting noticeably thinner… then she felt her nails getting weaker… her joints started taking longer to recover after exercise…

But the main trigger for her to take action was her weight gain. She’s always been one of my healthiest friends… but honestly, I’d noticed it too. (Of course, I didn’t say that! Actually, I had been feeling self-conscious about my weight too…)

However, instead of rushing out to find the first anti-aging product that popped up on a web search, Alice said she wanted to know WHY her body was “falling apart” – so she could find the most natural and effective way to “keep it together”.

She told me that there have actually been some pretty exciting breakthroughs in the world of anti-aging products in the past few years – and this new supplement she was trying was the most promising of them all.

Even though it was still new and only a few people had tried it at the time, she said it was backed by all sorts of science about giving your body the “building blocks it needs to stay young”.

Her explanation made it sound a bit more reasonable, but I still didn’t like the idea of paying to be a guinea pig (even if it’s just $1 a day)… so I wished her good luck, paid my portion of the bill and forgot all about it.

But then I saw Alice again a few months later… and it was like she was a completely different person.

First off, Alice had CLEARLY accomplished her goal of losing weight.

Her love handles were gone… her arms were toned… and her tummy was so flat it almost made me sick with envy!

But that was just the beginning.

Alice’s hair also looked thicker. She had a brighter smile. And I felt this vibrant energy that I hadn’t seen coming from her in years. She wasn’t OLD, she was athletic… fit… ALIVE!

“Oh my GOSH, Alice! You look amazing!!” I said. Yes, I was jealous – but I was also proud of my friend. (And YES, I wanted to find out what the heck her secret was…)

Of course, the first thing she said was: “I told you Obvi would work!”

“Huh? What the heck is Obvi?” I asked. I’d completely forgotten about our conversation… but Alice hadn’t.

“The supplement I told you about. I told you it would work!”

“WHAT?! This is all due to that random supplement?!” I asked. I couldn’t believe it. I honestly thought she’d gotten surgery…

“It’s not random anymore – they’ve already sold $2,000,000 worth of them! But yes, it gave me the boost I needed to start really taking care of myself. And I’m not the only one, either… look!”

She held up her phone and showed me the reviews – thousands of people were gushing about Obvi (and specifically their Collagenic™ Burn product). They said it gave them the jumpstart they needed to get back to the active, healthy lifestyles they thought were behind them.

Then I saw that they had excellent reviews with a 4.7-star rating… well, that was all the proof I needed. I decided to give it a try myself… because who doesn’t want to stay young (especially for $1/day)?

Well, guess what happened…

So, I’ve been using Obvi Collagenic™ Burn for two months… and I’m not ashamed to admit that Alice was right. It’s pretty darn amazing!

I’ve already seen a HUGE change in my energy levels and my appetite. Heck, I’ve lost 12 pounds without really trying!

I’ve also noticed that my joints feel stronger, my muscles don’t ache as much, and my nails feel stronger than ever (they were breaking every other week before).

I would call it a miracle, but the science actually checks out. So I guess it’s just a breakthrough? I’m not sure – all I know is that I’m grateful I found it!

So, what IS Obvi?!

Obvi is a new collagen company that specializes in high-quality collagen supplements for a variety of purposes.

Alice and I have both been using the Obvi Collagenic™ Burn, which is hands-down their most popular supplement for people over 30 because it supports weight loss AND erases signs of aging due to the proprietary combination of ingredients.

It comes in small, easy-to-swallow capsules that you take once or twice a day. Alice takes two per day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon, but I find that I get excellent results from just taking a single capsule each morning. To each their own!

As for what’s inside, Obvi's Collagenic™ Burn contains all 5 types of collagen, along with a number of key weight loss ingredients:

But here’s where Obvi starts to stand out. In addition to high-quality collagen and weight loss ingredients, they also add two patented, clinically proven weight loss ingredients: Innobio® and BioPerine®. (More on those in a moment…)

Finally, Obvi includes 120mg of caffeine with added mood enhancers, which means you can skip your morning coffee in favor of this simple, healthy alternative.

What makes Obvi’s Collagen™ Burn so much more effective than alternatives?

As I’ve learned since I started taking Obvi, there are two major reasons why it’s such a breakthrough:

  1. 1. High-quality collagen

In case you aren’t aware, collagen is “the glue that holds the body together.” Our bodies naturally produce collagen, and it’s vital to many bodily functions.

But as we grow older, our collagen production starts to decrease rapidly… and that’s what causes many of the negative effects of aging, such as hair loss, joint pain, dry skin, wrinkles, brittle nails, all that fun stuff.1

So, supplementing your body with collagen can help reduce or even erase those signs of aging.

However, it’s critical to get the right collagen – with the right nutrients – or else it won’t work.

That’s because your body is unable to fully absorb collagen that it doesn't produce itself. For your body to properly absorb collagen from supplements, collagen needs to be consumed with additional vitamins and nutrients – which Obvi’s Collagenic™ Burn provides.

Additionally, there are actually 29 different types of collagen out there… but some of them are MUCH more important than the rest. Obvi’s Collagenic™ Burn gives you the most effective types of collagen: Type I, II, III, V, & X.2

  1. 2. Innobio® and BioPerine®

As mentioned above, these patented weight loss ingredients are clinically proven to aid in weight loss.

Innobio® Conjugated Linoleic Acid is a free fatty acid mixture high in isomers of CLA and it is made from natural safflower oil. It aids in weight loss and fat reduction.

Bioperine® increases nutrient absorption by stimulating thermogenesis and increasing your metabolism. This process rapidly breaks down your fat cells.

The combination of high-quality collagen with these proven weight loss ingredients results in a rejuvenating blend of vital ingredients that your body needs if it wants to stay young.

Since I’ve started using Obvi’s Collagenic™ Burn, I’ve noticed all sorts of benefits.

When Alice first mentioned her supplement experiment, I didn’t expect I would end up trying it myself… but I’m SO glad I decided to take the leap. Obvi has already had a noticeable positive impact on my life in MANY ways:

  1. I’ve lost 12 pounds. While it wasn’t exactly my goal, I was EXTREMELY pleased to find that Obvi curbs my appetite AND gives me the boost I need to stick to my exercise routine. I’m honestly not sure how much of it is due to Obvi’s ingredients directly burning fat, and how much is due to my increased energy and reduced appetite… all I know is they seem to work really well together!
  2. My hair is growing thicker and fuller. This was unexpected! My hair feels thicker than it has in over a decade, and it doesn’t feel as thin and frail as it did.
  3. My skin feels brighter, some wrinkles have disappeared, and my stretch marks aren’t as obvious. Collagen boosts your skin’s elasticity, and I’ve noticed some wrinkles and cellulite disappearing already. I’ve also noticed some scars starting to fade!
  4. My nails are stronger and grow quicker. I used to break a nail every other week, but I haven’t broken one in months. It could be a coincidence, but my nails feel stronger – and collagen has been shown to help strengthen nails, so it makes sense.

Most importantly, I feel more energy and confidence than I have in 10 years. Yes, the caffeine literally gives me energy, but my mood has significantly improved overall since I started taking Obvi.

This has been my experience so far. It’s only been two months, but I’m already extremely pleased with what Obvi has done for me… and I’m excited to see what comes next!

If you’re struggling to lose weight – or if you simply want to erase the effects of aging – you HAVE to try Obvi!

I had no idea how important collagen is as you age, and I’m grateful Alice told me about Obvi when she did – I can’t imagine how sad I’d be if I learned about it years later! I still can’t believe that such a small change to my routine has had such an incredible impact on my life.

More than anything, Obvi makes me feel like I’m doing everything I can to stay youthful. I get this wonderful feeling when I look in the mirror… I have more self-confidence (which people are noticing, saying things like, “What got into you lately?” and “You’re on fire!”)… and I’ve started going out with my girlfriends more often.

In fact… I was even hit on by a much younger man recently. My girlfriends said he looked like he was in his 30s, but I’m pretty sure he was 29… in any case, don’t tell my 59-year-old husband 😉

Anyway. Now I can totally understand why Alice was willing to work so hard to find the right supplement. And to think, I had completely written off the idea that I could “reverse aging” or TRULY feel “younger again”… but here I am, writing this gushing review for a supplement I was hesitant to try!!

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Great news! I’ve been getting a ton of responses to this article – so many that Obvi themselves have taken notice!

Right now, you can get 20% OFF your first bottle of Obvi’s Collagenic™ Burn when you use the link below. Even better, they’re currently offering a 30-day money-back guarantee on all orders – so there’s no risk to giving it a try!

If you’re like me, you’ll start noticing results within a few weeks, so this is an amazing chance to see what a truly effective collagen supplement can do for you. Don’t miss it – click the link below to visit their website now. You’ll thank me later!

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